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So I guess the coolest thing about moving back to my hometown (coupled with the fact that I am doing photography), is that I get to reconnect with people I literally have not seen since the day I said farewell to my high school. That was 15 years ago.

OMG I'm so old.

This guy and I became acquainted my senior year, when we were both in the school's fall production of "Voices from the High School." Two things I remember the most: (1) He gave me one of the best compliments I have probably ever had, and it has stuck with me all of these years, and (2) I have the best home video of he and his friends showing up at my house on Halloween and signing songs about Christina Ricci.

Lol. Those are your random facts for the evening.

Anyways, thanks again, Aaron, for contacting me. It was so great to see you again after all these years. I wish you the best with your career!

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