andy joe | yucaipa, ca

My nephew. Swoon.

I love this little guy so, so much. He is the most tiny of all the peanuts in the land--just about 8lbs, at almost 4 months old.

How crazy that I am going to be living less than a mile away from him, starting in one week. I can't freaking wait for all the snuggles!


baby g | tucson, az

So the first time I took photos for this family, I traveled to Dallas, TX, to do so.

Then they moved to Arizona. So when baby G arrived, I traveled to Tucson.

Sometime this summer, they are moving to Japan. So let's all hope and pray for a third baby!!!!! Lol.

Thanks again, Heather, for asking me to come into your home and take photos of your precious babies. Congrats to you guys--and good luck with the big move. :)

joseph + crystal | galveston, tx

A looooong time ago, a woman contacted me about her family photos--she had been referred by a mutual friend, and we had a great time at a barn in Dallas, taking photos and sharing similar stories about our daughters (both born prematurely). Fast forward to last spring--she contacted me again because one of her daughters was in the market for a wedding photographer...

I am so, so glad I did this wedding! It was a completely different venue than I was used to, and I loved that I got to travel all the way to the beach in Galveston for the big day.

Joseph + Crystal are unlike any couple I have ever met--engaged several years ago, they continued to put off their wedding day because of some unfortunate circumstances. But in mid-December, it finally happened! They are Mr. and Mrs. Aymes and I am truly very happy for them!

Thank you again, Lori, for contacting me! And to Joseph + Crystal--may your lives together be forever enriched with happiness and good health!