the B family | silverthorne family photographer

I love photographing this family so, so much.

First of all, their outfits are always on point. Look at those matching getups!!

Second, all of the kiddos are real close in age and you can just FEEL the love.

Third, Rebecca seems to appreciate the reality of having four kids so small, and so close in age. No one is screaming at the kids to look at the camera. No one is frustrated when everyone isn't all smiles. There is always singing involved, and quite honestly--watching her with them makes me feel like less of a mother.

Should I be singing so beautifully to my children!?!?!? ;) Lol.

No but really, editing this gallery was a dream. The colors, the light, the beautiful babes. It was so fun.

Thank you again, Rebecca! I hope I have the chance to photograph your little family for  years to come.


the M family | breckenridge family photographer

Look at these outfits!! Bow ties. Joyfolie boots. Shiny dresses. Boom.

I love this family so, so much.

Thanks again, big sister!! Love you!! Hope you love your photos!!


k + c | breckenridge family photographer

Another make-up session in Austin, after our last one was rained out and took place in a hotel!!

My friend, Kristi, has the most amazingly beautiful little boy. And he looks JUST like her!!

We got to hang out that morning, while she showed me how--as a toddler--he's basically learning to tell time, and is suddenly doing sign language, despite no one really having shown him how.

Baby genius, basically. ;)

Oh! And the best part? See all these amazing smiles? She literally text me on the way with a video of him screaming and throwing a fairly epic tantrum right before photos. Lol. Thank goodness that was short-lived, haha!!

Thanks again, girl!! So great to see you--love you and miss you every day!!


the D family | breckenridge family photographer

I've photographed Jill and her family before, so I was excited this time around when she told me she wanted to change it up a little bit. Not that I require change--I think my work grows and changes with each passing year, so even when I shoot the same families, I feel like they look different. But it was fun to switch it up for more of a concept shoot.

Jill wanted to bring formal wear to the great outdoors. ;)

And I LOVE how these turned out--that red dress with all those guys in suits!?!? Gorgeous!!

Thanks again, Jill! I hope you love them!!


the H family | breckenridge family photographer

Leigh-Ann and her family have been in front of my lens before, but the last time they were it was super cold and raining outside so we literally did their session in a hotel room. I was so glad to get them back in front of my camera, but this time outdoors in the sunshine!!

Thanks again, Leigh-Ann!! I hope you love them!!


the A family | breckenridge family photographer

I love this family so much--and the light for their session was basically MAGIC.

Kate always brings her family dressed perfectly, her boys always sporting the cutest little outfits; the colors are all so well-coordinated. Photographers find families like this to be a dream!!

Thank you again, Kate. Loved seeing you, as always.