the E family | Rocky Mountain National Park

This session was such a fun one--they were visiting from out-of-state, and we met in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The weather was absolutely perfect.

It was threatening rain, but it held off--instead, it made for a really gorgeous sky, with dark clouds and a peak of blue!

Thanks again, Stephanie! I had such a great time with your family. I hope you had a wonderful time in Colorado. :)


phoebe | class of 2020

This was such a fun senior session!

When I arrived, they made it very clear to me that Phoebe wanted something bold and colorful, and she loved the idea of having unique poses and images.

Game. On.

I think we nailed it. ;)

She and I walked all around the property, taking different photos in different outfits and I so hope she just loves these images!

Thanks again, Phoebe!!


P.S.--That's her prom dress at the end. How amazing is that dress!?!?

mike + katie | breckenridge family photographer

For the past few years, I have gifted each of my kids' teachers with a free photo session to say, "Hey thanks." Being a teacher can be such a thankless job--I did it for several years at the college level and, while it was incredibly fun, it was also incredibly exhausting.

Rewarding, but challenging.
Exciting, but hard.

And truth be told, it seems a bit unfair that teachers can be notoriously underpaid and thus maybe unable to afford beautiful memories of their own children and families. I have no idea if that's the case with any of my kids' teachers, but regardless--gifting them these images is something that's on my heart each and every year.

Katie and I met at a local get-together a few years ago. We chatted a bit, I learned she was a teacher, and we stayed connected via Facebook. While she has never taught my own children, I knew she appreciated my work and I loved the thought of having her in front of my lens.

So I offered it up, and--thankfully--she cashed in.

These images are some of my favorites, to date. I love the connection between she and Mike. I love that all they really wanted to do was just hang out in front of my camera, and I was able to capture so many candid moments between them.

Thank you again, Katie.
For all you do.

I so appreciate each of the educators who have played a positive role in my children's lives thus far; and, I have no doubt, that upon given the opportunity, you would be a great teacher for them as well.


franz + kati | breckenridge wedding photographer

The story of Franz + Kati's wedding is kind of an exciting one. They had chosen Breckenridge for their venue because 1) the mountains are insanely gorgeous and Kati really wanted a mountain wedding, and because 2) Colorado has a pretty good record for sunny days each year and they never, ever anticipated that weather would be a factor in the middle of July.

But, as all weddings go--not everything ever works out according to plan. ;)

The day started off beautifully. The sun was shining. It was a nice 75 degrees. Kati was getting ready at the venue, while Franz and his friends/family were getting ready down the street at a condo.

Everyone--everyone--was keeping their eye on the radar. Thunderstorms were predicted in the afternoon, but the weather in the mountains can be so unpredictable. More often than not, the weather reports are wrong.

Buuuuut, that wasn't the case on July 20.

In fact, one of the worst rain and wind storms I have ever witnessed in all my years living in the mountains literally hit the moment the wedding party started walking down the aisle.

Kati had told me the ceremony would likely last about 45 minutes.

It lasted FOUR.

They walked down, the officiant declared them husband and wife, they kissed, and then everyone ran inside to take cover.

I know it was disappointing for the bride and groom at first, but it all worked out so beautifully.

The vows were exchanged inside, with everyone seated.
The storm passed and the skies turned the most beautiful shade of blue.
The first dance was one of the most incredible ones I have ever witnessed.
The father/daughter dance brought me to literal tears.
The food was amazing.

And Franz + Kati enjoyed one hell of a party. :)

Congrats you two! Thank you again for asking me to be there on this crazy, gorgeous, amazing day. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and success, together.