caleb + ashley | evergreen professional photographer

I met Caleb about a year ago--he and I were both hired for a wedding (I was the photographer, he was the videographer), and we just made a great team. Since then, we've talked about doing photos of he and his wife, but we were finally able to make it a reality a few weeks ago.

When Ashley showed up in this gorgeous red dress, I was so excited. They looked stunning together, and I was honored to document these moments.

Thanks again, you two! I hope you love your images!


the T family | evergreen family photographer

I had so much fun with this family--the wind was blowing, and we had to work for a few of the smiles--but they appreciated the candid moments, which are always my favorite.

Thank you again, Lynae! I hope you love your images!


the M family | evergreen family photographer

This was the fifth or sixth time I have been hired by Nikki to take her family photos; although, this time it was for her extended family. It's always such a joy to see the same clients and friends over and over again, but especially when they include others and allow me to document even more special moments.

It's hard to tell, but these photos were taken on a day when the wind was just insane. I asked them if they wanted to re-schedule, and they said no--so we had our work cut out for us! But I think we did pretty darn good, haha!!

It's all about waiting for the right moment. ;)

Thanks again, Nikki! I hope you love them!


becky + family | breckenridge family photographer

I had such a great time with this crew--we started out in a place that I've never really shot before, so it was kind of fun exploring around the water. Then, we moved the session up to the top of Lake Dillon and caught the tail end of the sunset (my favorite).

Thank you, Becky, for reaching out to me again and trusting me with your family's memories! I hope you love these.


the s family | evergreen family photographer

This was my second time taking photos of Stephanie and her family, and I am so thankful we were able to squeeze a session in before the snow began to fall and all of the colors disappeared. Lol.

We had a great time dancing around in fields, running, and even trying on mom's wedding dress. ;)

Thanks again, Stephanie! I hope you love your images!