the K family | breckenridge family photographer

It's always fun when my season gets started, after a small break behind the Christmas holidays. Lucy and her family were visiting from the Carolinas, and it was my first chance to get into the snowy mountains and make some memories with (and for!) them.

We faced a bit of a challenge because the snow was literally up to our waists in spots, lol. But this family totally rocked it and you can't even tell!

Thanks again, Lucy! I hope you and your family had a wonderful time in Breckenridge!


the B family | breckenridge family photographer

I have had the chance to photograph this family on multiple occasions--it is almost always in Austin, when I am in town to do photoshoots. But on occasion, the B family travels to Colorado.

And when they do, I love that they call me and ask for pretty mountain photos!

This particular session was freezing. And by freezing, I mean OMG WHY DID GOD MAKE COLD WEATHER THIS COLD!?

I am pretty sure when I got in my car, it read nine degrees.

But we managed to do wonderfully. We may have pushed past a couple of tears and given breaks in the warm car. But gosh darn it, we got it done. Lol.

Thanks again, Becca! I just love your family!


the M family | evergreen family photographer

I loved the variety in this session.

We walked all around their property on Christmas Eve--capturing the top of the aspens as the sun went down; grabbing the last few seconds of sunlight before it disappeared behind the mountain; and, taking advantage of the gorgeous views all over.

Thank you again, Tamm!

I hope you and your family love these images.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas.


the C family | breckenridge family photographer

A good friend of mine from college bought a home out here in Copper, and she comes out about once a month. Her family is out for Christmas now, and I met up with them for family photos (and steak and wine, mmmm) last night.

Her best friend, Casey, wanted family photos as well and I was more than happy to oblige--they were so much fun!! And once again, I have the most awesome people who just brave the cold without complaint, in order to get good shots.

Thank you, C family!! So glad to have met new friends!!

Merry Christmas.


the H family | breckenridge family photographer

I know it's silly, and I know I say it all the time--but I forget how stinking COLD these December/January/February sessions can get.

When I was driving to meet this family for sunrise, it was in the mid-30s. While some people might think that's NUTS, it's really not bad. It's mild, haha.

But by the time we started shooting, it was down to 12 degrees. FREEZING COLD. OMG. My fingers were totally numb.

Despite the temps, this family rocked it. All smiles, no whining--and all without jackets or snow boots. Impressive!

Thanks again, Jason! I hope you and your family love these!

Z + R | Evergreen professional photographer

So much fun with these two in Evergreen last night!

The light was perfect.
The couple was perfect.

And their photos have officially been delivered--some of my favorites!