amy + family | breckenridge family photographer

I have to say, these family photos have been some of my favorites to edit. The gorgeous light, the cooperative kiddos, the perfect weather--it was so wonderful!

Thank you again, Amy, for trusting me with your precious family's memories here in Breck!


seth + nicole | breckenridge engagement photographer

Would you like to know the best part about this session?

All of the photos of them laughing are genuine and real--because my daughter tagged along and was totally inappropriate with her comments and questions. Lol.

At one point, I asked Seth and Nicole to kiss, and when they did, my daughter yelled, "EWWWW!"

Needless to say, she's not invited on any more photo shoots! Haha!

Thanks agains, you two! I had a lot of fun hanging out with you that night! Enjoy your photos!


the M family | breckenridge family photographer

This family and I had an earlier meeting time for their photos, so I agreed to photograph them right after soccer practice for my kids.

My kids insisted on staying in the car, with our new dog.

At the first pose, they set the alarm off.

Then my daughter literally screamed so loud in the car that I could hear her for the entire session, as she argued with her brother.

When the session was over and we returned to the car, I could have sworn they were performing an exorcism. My daughter was crying. My son was laughing. The dog had spilled food all over the back seat. It was crazy.

My children (even the furry one) were possessed.

And yet Joy and her family were so kind, and acted like they didn't even notice--even though I am sure they drove away and thought, "OMG THAT POOR WOMAN."

Lol. Thanks again, M family! It was great meeting you!! Thank you for being so kind and patient. :)

fit + fabulous | breckenridge outdoor boudoir

To say that I had fun during this session is a total understatement.

We had been planning this session for MONTHS, but had to push it back for one reason or another. Finally, despite pending rain storms (and let me tell you, the sky totally opened up right as we were finished), we went for it.

The clouds were brilliant.
This woman was incredible.
And we had so. much. fun.

If you are interested in an outdoor boudoir session, please email me at! This might very well be my latest obsession. ;)

the B family | breckenridge family photographer

Ohhhhh how I love to photograph a beautiful family.

This family came to me through a referral and I am so glad that they did. We had a great time talking, and taking photos at sunset, and learning all about our common Texan interests. :)

Thanks again, Aimee! It was great meeting you and your family--your kiddos are precious, I was smiling so big while I was editing these photos of your daughter and her little toothless smile!


tara + family | breckenridge family photographer

Oh my gosh, this family was so much fun!

First, the outfits. Everyone looked amazing and it was all so well coordinated. I want people to use this family as a guide for "what to wear," lol.

Second, they were super laid back and they moved quick. I think this entire session took 20 minutes (which was good because we were being threatened with thunderstorms).

Third, the outfits. ;)

Thank you again, Tara! Your family was an absolute joy to work with! I hope you enjoyed your trip to Breck!