the beautiful miss e | albuquerque boudoir photographer

Hello, Denver hottie.

E, it was great to see you after all these years! You look stunning! I hope you love your photos. :)

baby ava | albuquerque maternity photographer

Alright, so the name of the post might be a bit misleading; but, I'm at the height of my busy season and despite taking these photos of one of my dearest friends about a month ago...I've only just now been able to edit them.

In other words, my dear friend is now snuggling her baby instead of her belly, and she probably hasn't slept in dayyyyys. ;)

Meet Ashley.

Together, we tackled graduate school at the University of Denver. She, my husband and I were like the three amigos for a solid year. When Tom and I basically eloped in the mountains of Colorado, Ashley was one of about seven people actually present.

To sum it up, she's pretty damn special. ;)  And I cannot wait to meet miss Ava. I'm already planning the photos sessions, lol.

Thanks again, Michael + Ashley. Love you both, and can't wait to see you soon. xoxo

the r family | albuquerque family photographer

When Erin first contacted me for a photo session in the mountains of Colorado, she had asked me if I would mind taking them on her family's property. Apparently she and her family are the proud owners of about a billion acres (ok, not really) of gorgeous land in Jefferson County and it turned out to be the absolute perfect setting.

We went to two different locations, and despite our session being around the noon hour, I am totally pleased with the shots we got. Sun schmun. ;)

Thanks again, Erin! It was so great to see you and your family again. :)  xoxo

the o family | albuquerque family photographer

It had been about a year since the last time this family was in front of my lens--that's quite a bit of time, considering I used to photograph them on a weekly basis.

Jodie and her crew were our next door neighbors for the last year we lived in Michigan. Our kids were super close, and to this day my son still tells me that he misses them on a regular basis. I would give anything to have these sweet faces knocking on the door asking for popsicles, or wondering if Thaddeus can come outside to play.

Thanks again, Jodie! I love and miss you--it was great to catch up, even if for such a short time over photos. :) xoxo

miss s | albuquerque children's photographer

Everything about this beautiful little girl is a photographer's dream come true.

Her long, curly hair.

Her gorgeous blue eyes.

Her amazing spirit.

Sloane spent a lot of time dancing for me, instead of standing there and saying, "Cheeeese." She was running back and forth into the water. She was twirling. She was falling down and laughing.

She was being four years old, and it made for a perfect set of images.

I've been photographing this little cutie since the time she could sit up on her own. And now, almost four years later, she is a big sister to a handsome little man that I can't wait to get my hands (and my camera) on.

Thanks again, Nicole! I can't wait to meet your new addition. :)