anonymous | houston boudoir photographer

Last, but not least. :)

So much fun with this girl. And she's already planning another session when I'm back in town!


anonymous | houston boudoir photographer

Another fun, gorgeous woman. :)

the E family, take two | galveston family photographer

The last time I was in Houston, this poor family had to brave their session in the pouring down rain. We had to get creative, and most of our photos were taken under an awning outdoors with big, yellow lights.

I immediately told them that the next time I was in town, we were going to have a re-do.

This time around, the weather was so much better. So was the location. :)

Thanks again, Melissa! Love your family!


joe + erica | galveston family photographer

Gah, I love this woman and her family.

I'm so glad they decided to brave the cold (in dresses!) and the early session time to take photos on the beach.

Love you, Erica! Enjoy your photos!


kristi + her belly | austin maternity photographer

It was right about this time last year when my good friend, Kristi, booked a session while I was traveling through Austin, Texas. Nothing special--she just wanted some photos. So we took to the streets and did a bit of an urban photo shoot.

This was last year.

This year, Kristi contacted me again for more photos.

We decided on more urban-type photos, in downtown Austin. This time, though, there was a bit of a twist. ;)