miss s | albuquerque boudoir photographer

I've said before that women are beautiful...but rarely are women flawless. I usually always have to bust out the Photoshop for some stretch marks, or maybe a scar--sometimes women even request that I Photoshop a tattoo, or make them "10 pounds thinner."

And that's perfectly ok. It's our flaws that tell our story, right?

Well let me just say...miss s required zero photoshop.

She really was flawless. Lol. And the entire time I was editing her gallery, I was thinking of how jealous I was. Ha.

Thanks again, s! I hope you enjoy your photos. :)

mama-to-be | albuquerque maternity photographer

Everyone knows that one of my favorite things to photograph is boudoir.

But a pregnant woman? There's just nothing like it.

I was literally almost in tears during this session, because it was so touching watching this woman look at her belly--touch her belly. You could just see the love for her unborn child oozing out of every single pore.

anonymous beauty | albuquerque boudoir photographer

Another gorgeous woman from Texas!

anonymous beauty | albuquerque boudoir photographer

I had such a good time with this woman! And she's gorgeous, to boot. Perfect combo. ;)

miss a | albuquerque boudoir photographer

Thanks again, A! You're beautiful, confident, sexy...and I hope your boyfriend loves the photos. :)

Oh! And I've decided to start encouraging more women to come to their boudoir sessions, armed with red lipstick. ;)

a letter to my son | thaddeus grey

Dear Thad,

I've been wanting to write this letter to you for awhile now, but I wanted to wait until I had the perfect photos to post along with it. Lo and behold, you had t-ball practice tonight. I brought my camera along, and captured you at some of your absolute best moments.

You love t-ball.

From the moment you wake up, you are asking me questions like, "Mommy, how many more minutes until t-ball practice?"

Me: Well, about 10 hours.

You: How many minutes is that?

Me: About 600.

You: Awwww, man.

Then you spend the rest of the day trying to convince me to let you run around in your uniform--cleats included.

I love watching you at your practices. You have such fiery ambition for the sport. You are constantly asking the coach if you can play first base, if you can bat before everyone else, if you are the fastest runner on the team. Lol.

And you are such a ball hog. I swear, you could be playing first base, and you will haul it as fast as you can to get to third base if that's where the ball has been hit.

I'm so proud of you, bug.

I've always been proud of you, but this past year I have been especially proud.

We've come a long way, you and me. For almost five solid years, it was just mommy and Thaddeus. And when our world was nearly turned upside down with the early arrival of your baby sister, you never blinked.

You never complained.

You never asked why.

You rolled with it.

And when we moved you over 1,000 miles from your very best friends, you made new friends within a few days.

You are doing so awesome in school, and you've already started talking about your excitement for Kindergarten.

You are a phenomenal big brother. I swear, sometimes I think Charlotte looks at you with more love in her eyes than she looks at anyone in this family. I can't wait to see the relationship and bond between the two of you continue to grow over the years.

Today at practice, after you hit a ball clean over the second baseman's head, you turned to me from first base and shouted, "MOMMY!! Are you SO proud of me!?!?"


Oh yes, baby boy.

Yes I am.

You are everything I could have asked for and then some.

Go Dodgers. ;)

All my love,


rosie + her girls | albuquerque family photographer

Where do I even begin with this post?

I met Rosie on a class field trip to the Fire Department with my son. Her youngest is in my son's class, and we were both there playing the "volunteer parent" role. We spent a lot of time talking about our kids, what it had been like to move to Albuquerque, and the local school system.

When you move to a town where you know almost no one, it's really difficult to do things like make plans without your kids, or make any kind of plans that require one or both of your kids to stay behind with daddy while mommy goes to work a wedding in another state. Lol.

Cue Rosie.

She has swooped in and saved us on so many occasions thus far. Tom has been able to continue working, while I've been able to go out of town, and I've known that for those few hours they are with Rosie, my kids are in good hands.

But aside from a life-saver, she's also become a friend. And I'm thankful for that.

Thank you, Rosie, for spending this hour--on this insanely bright, but cold day--with me and my camera. I loved having the chance to photograph your beautiful girls. :)

mike + stephanie | huntington, west virginia

you're the first one  |  when things turn out bad  |  you know I'll never be lonely  |  you're my only one  |  and I love the things  |  I really love the things that you do  |  ooh you're my best friend

ooh you make me live

I'm happy at home  |  you're my best friend

-Queen, You're My Best Friend

thank you again, mike and stephanie, for flying me all the way to west virginia to photograph your special day.