anonymous | colorado boudoir photographer

I'm not posting any of these particular shots from her session, but this beauty came in for her photos with cowboy boots and a black hat. Perfect.

We had a lot of fun, too. This job is so rewarding--I literally meet people I've never met, they strip down and trust me 100%, and then I help to make them feel even more beautiful.

It's the bomb. dot. com.


miss h | colorado boudoir photographer

How gorgeous is this girl? She got her gallery, and told me she's already ready to book her next boudoir with me!

I'm telling you...boudoir is addicting!!! Lol.

Thanks, girl! I had fun!


the L family | breckenridge family photographer

This session was pretty cool because we shot it on the campus of my alma mater, Baylor University, with my sorority sister, Katharine, and her family. I've said it dozens of times, but the coolest part about my job is meeting up with old friends in this new stage of life.

College life and sorority get-togethers has turned into married life, and chasing toddlers. :)

These two twinkies gave me a total run for my money, too. But they were troopers. We shot in the middle of the morning, and it was already over 90 degrees outside. So we had to salvage the shoot with lots of bubbles, and even a trip to the fountain on campus. But overall, we got a lot of great smiles.

Thanks again, Katharine. Your family is so beautiful!!


miss j | colorado boudoir photographer

I absolutely adore this girl.

Not only is she freaking gorgeous, but she's been a huge motivating factor for me lately as far as getting my separate boudoir business off the ground. One of my biggest cheerleaders, really.

I've really come to value her advice, and her friendship, and I am so, so glad I got to take these photos for her!!


anonymous | silverthorne boudoir photographer

An anonymous beauty from Texas...this girl was so much fun!

miss K | silverthorne family photographer

This girl means the world to me. Fo' real.

We have been friends since college (over 10 years, at least) and we've always had so much in common. But not things like "we both like to read," or normal things like that--just minor details that we both shared. She is definitely my soul sister. ;)

These photos of her and her little boy make my heart soar. I think I was smiling from ear to ear the entire time I was editing could I not? Her love for her baby boy is so obvious. So apparent. I loved watching them interact.

Thanks again, Kristi!! xoxo