miss heidi | albuquerque children's photographer

I could have photographed this little nugget all evening long.

First of all, those cheeks.

And that dimple.

Oh man.

We brought Heidi to the arboretum for some photos with her beloved balloons, and just to capture a few 18-month shots for mom and dad. We had a lot of fun! We walked around, talked, I shot Heidi doin' her thang while simultaneously getting the dirt on the best BBQ places to eat in the area. You know...the usual. ;)

Thanks again Jennifer and Greg! It was lovely having the chance to meet your parents, getting to see you, and getting to photograph your little beauty. :)

the lovely randi | albuquerque boudoir photographer

Meet Randi.

Fellow mom.

Fellow photographer.

And I swear, she was sent here straight out of a 1950s pin-up calendar.

Isn't she gorgeous!?

We had a lot of fun during this shoot, and it was such a pleasure getting to meet Randi for the first time and take her photos. Hopefully she is just as pleased with these images as I am. :)

Miss Ruby | Albuquerque newborn photographer

About a month ago, I was in southern California with my family when I got the chance to spend a few hours with this little peanut.

Meet Ruby.

Ruby's mom is also a photographer, and she had asked me not long before I was going to be in town if I would be interested in doing her newborn photos.

I was totally thrilled.

And even more nervous. Lol.

There's always a certain level of pressure that comes with a session when you're working for a fellow photographer.

But, Ruby could not have made my job any easier. She slept 99% of the time (the other 1% she was busy eating), she never pooped, she never peed (well, she did on her mom, lol), and she was just...perfect.

Congratulations, Susan. I loved meeting with you and working with your precious baby girl.

P.S.--Thanks for the wine. ;)

anonymous | albuquerque boudoir photographer

I am constantly pushing myself in this industry to get better.

Every day, I try and pick up my camera at least once. The way I see it, the more I use my camera, the more I feel satisfied with my work. I am always learning something new--whether it's a new preference, or something new about my lighting. It's part of why I love my job.

This session in particular is one of those sessions where I can actually see that my hard work is paying off.

I love this entire gallery. Every single image. I am proud of this work, and I hope the woman in the photos will be proud to hang them on her walls. Or print them for her hubby. Whatever suits her fancy. :)

She's beautiful, isn't she!?