anonymous | silverthorne boudoir photographer

Turns out this woman has been following my work for some time - I was so flattered that she booked a session with me!

Thanks again, girl!


anonymous | colorado boudoir photographer

Ohhhhhh how I love boudoir.

I can't wait to one day have my own studio space with wood floors, a full-lenth mirror, a white rug, and a wrought-iron bed. The boudoir will. be. amazing.

And when I finally open my doors, I am hoping that this gorgeous woman will be one of my first clients.


anonymous | breckenridge boudoir photographer

So stunning.


the I family | silverthorne family photographer

Ashley contacted me while I was in D.C., about family photos in Dallas. I was sooo glad that she did. I went to college with her sister, and I knew "of" her. I knew there was a chance I might take her photos one day because her sister was always encouraging it!

Anyways, they showed up in the most amazing dresses and the session was wonderful. What a happy little girl!!

Thank you again, Ashley!!


miss h | silverthorne family photographer

I believe this was my seventh session with Miss Heidi since I first began photographing her when she was 18 months old. The progression of our sessions gets more and more fun, as Heidi gets a little older, a little more in tune to what is going on with photos, and a little more friendly. I LOVE to tell the story of how afraid she was of me and my camera - and how now, she will hold my hand as we cross the street to look at the horses. So sweet.

Thanks again, Jennifer! As always, I had so much fun. Maybe next time we will shoot IN the stables. ;)


BFF sessions | breckenridge family photographer

Jennifer contacted me about a week before our session and told me that her daughter, and Courtney's daughter, are best of friends. Their sessions were back to back, so I agreed to do a few BFF shots.


I am so in love.

I want to start offering these as an option for kiddos!! How fun would that be!?

Thanks again, Jennifer and Courtney!! Your girls are absolutely precious!!

sibling love | breckenridge family photographer

A little sibling love + my fisheye lens = good times. :)

the S family | breckenridge family photographer

In a perfect world, I would move to Houston and Julia and I would open up a boudoir studio together.

Buuuuut, this world is far from perfect. Lol. So instead, I work with her when I can; stay with her when I can; and shoot her family when I can. ;)

Thanks again, Julia!! I loved this session so much - such perfect locations, too!!