the O family | Grand Rapids family photographer

Every session with the Obandes is my favorite.

I love these people like family, and I miss the days when we were all living next door to each other and they would knock on the door to ask for a popsicle. 

Five kids? 

I should have bought stock in popsicles. LOL. 

They are growing into the most beautiful young adults, and it's crazy to see how much bigger they get with each and every passing year.

Thanks again, Jodie and Chico. Love you guys!


the M family | Grand Rapids family photographer

 I have been photographing this family for 12 years, and I have enjoyed every single one of our sessions together. Our first session took place when their first was just about a year old--now she is in her teens, and her little brother is sweeter and sassier than ever! 

Thanks again, Liz! And happy anniversary to you and Dan!


the F family | Breckenridge family photographer

 There was so much to love about this session - 

The gorgeous fall day.

The brilliant colors on the trees.

The beautiful family that showed up so well dressed, and three sweet little boys who behaved perfectly for photos.

So much to love, in fact, we may be doing another session together in Houston in just a few weeks. The scenery is sure to be a bit different that time. ;)

Thanks again, Christine! I hope you love these!

Joel | Class of 2022

 Tami and I have worked together for a couple of years now--first, at the Rescue I was running during COVID; and now, at the local school district. I was flattered when she asked me if I would meet her one morning (early!) to take her son's senior photos--and, of course, I said, "Yes!"

Joel and I had a good time walking around as the sun came up, while he told me about his hiking and climbing adventures, and I asked him about his future plans.

We were aiming for senior photos that not only showed his personality, but also had a very Colorado vibe to it. 

I think we succeeded. ;)

Thanks again, Tami and Joel! Best of luck with your senior year, and all that is to come!


P.S. - Doesn't he look just like a Disney prince, with all that perfect hair!?!?

the R family | littleton family photographer

I had a lot of fun with this mini session.

I worked with Jamie's sister a few years back, and also photographed her wedding. So when Jamie reached out after she had a baby, I was thrilled to keep photos in the family. ;)

Plus, her little guy was soooo smiley. 

Five/six/seven months is the absolute PERFECT age for photos of your baby - they are just so. darn. happy. 

Thanks again, Jamie! You have a beautiful family!