Boudoir, is, by far, my favorite thing to photograph. There is nothing more fun and exciting (and rewarding!) than working with women who want to ultimately walk away feeling beautiful and sexy. I am proud to say that I know I have helped many women to feel this way.

Your boudoir session will typically be about an hour long. In this time, I allot for a specific number of outfit changes, depending on the package you have purchased (note: I do not provide the lingerie). I will be there every step of the way to direct you, pose you in flattering positions, and make you feel comfortable.

Below are the different packages I offer for boudoir, straight out of my most recent Boudoir Guide. Please note, if you are interested in hiring me to travel out of state, you will need to estimate the additional fee for travel costs OR I will incur the cost if there is a group of 3 or more women who are willing to buy a package. No refunds will be issued for sessions scheduled out of the states of Colorado or Texas; however, a credit will be granted to apply toward another session with Catherine Jeter Photography.

In addition, I have also included some Frequently Asked Questions to help you decide if this is something for you!

P.S. - are you on Facebook? I have a private group for women only (sorry, fellas) where you can come, share your own personal boudoir photos, ask questions, or even just lurk around and check out my work! Click here: BLUSH - Boudoir by Catherine Jeter Photography


Q. Do I have to get totally naked?
A. Absolutely not. If you want to wear flannel pajamas the entire time, that’s cool. My ultimate goal is for you to feel comfortable.

Q. Can you take care of my “problem areas”?
A. I won’t do anything outrageous, but yes, I can “clean you up a bit.” In other words, I will remove scars, stretch marks, bruises, scratches, pimples, etc. – unless, of course, you ask me not to.

Q. I really don’t want to do the photos at the hotel. I would much rather do them in my own home. Can you come to me?
A. I prefer not to do boudoir photos in your home, simply because I like to shoot in very simple environments (e.g. dark wood furniture, minimal paint on the walls, and white linens). I want the emphasis to be on you, and often times your home decor is too distracting. If you feel, however, that your home decor would be perfect, then by all means--let's do it!

Q. Why do I have to pay a deposit?
A. The $200 deposit is mandatory because of the simple fact that life happens, and things come up, and I need somewhat of a guarantee that you will plan to be there. 

Q. If I give you plenty of notice of my cancellation, is any of my deposit refundable?
A. This deposit is not refundable within 48 hours of your session.

Q. What if I am scheduled for a boudoir party of 3, and one of the girls cancels?
A. If anyone in your party cancels, you will lose "party" status and the remaining members will be charged full price.

Q. I want to bring a hair stylist with me to the shoot. Is this allowed?
A. Absolutely! The more the merrier. This is actually quite common with my clients.

Q. How long will it take for me to get my proofs back?
A. Depending on the time of year, it can take as long as 4-6 weeks.

Q. I really don’t want to show up on the Internet, naked. Can this be avoided?
A. Absolutely. I will have you sign a consent form and a contract, in which you will select the “level” of nudity you are comfortable with me displaying on my site. Many women are not comfortable baring anything on the Internet, while many others give permission for anonymous sharing. I respect your decision, no matter what.

Q. I really want to do a certain package, but I’m not sure about the cost.
A. I understand. Your deposit is non-negotiable. It must be paid upon booking. However, the remainder of your contract price can be paid in installments. As long as 75% of your package price is paid up by the date of your session, then we are good. However, please note that I will not release any photos to you until the remaining 25% has been paid.

Q. Why do I have to show my ID before you take my picture?
A. That’s an easy one – there are laws in this country that say if I take a picture of you in your bra, and you are under the age of 18, I will spend a good deal of my time behind bars. So, I don’t like to risk it.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. I accept cash and any credit cards accepted through PayPal. If you need to make a payment through PayPal, I can send you the information on how to do that quickly and easily. Sorry, I do not accept checks.

Q. If I select Package A, but then change my mind, can I upgrade later?
A. Yes. You will just have to pay the difference in the package prices by the date of your session.

Q. If I really want a particular package, but am interested in changing it a bit for different products, is that possible?
A. Probably. Customizing packages is not a problem at all, unless you want to make an outrageous trade; however, if you’re looking to trade an 8x10 album for (30) 8x10 prints, we can probably make something like that happen.

Q. Can I bring my husband/boyfriend along for a couples’ shoot?
A. I am just as open and welcome to couples’ shoots as I am to individuals!

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