My own family | Albuquerque family photographer

I feel like it was about two years ago when my grandma had asked me if I would be interested in taking some photos of her sometime, so she could have an updated one to send to kids and grandkids. I agreed immediately, but then watched us run around busy schedules over the very few trips I took to Colorado as it already was.

So when I went out there this past June to visit my parents, I told my grandma that we were going to take photos. I told her the date. I told her the time. And I stuck to my plan.

And thank God I did, because she tried to back out. Lol!!!

My parents and I picked her up from bridge one afternoon, made a trip to Starbucks, and then headed about an hour into the mountains to find the perfect location on the Platte River.

I am so, so glad that we got out there and took these photos. I am in love with so many of them. If I had 100 walls in my home, I'd plaster them all with these images...especially the ones of my own kiddos with my parents, and my grandma--their "Gigi."

If you came this far, enjoy. :)

 And what might possibly be my most favorite photo taken of him everevereverever:

To view the full gallery, CLICK HERE.

Jake + Liz | Albuquerque engagement photographer

I stumbled upon this couple by way of my husband--he always has one of my photos of Charlotte or Thad up on his desktop, and he's always trying to woo people in his office with my photography. He's like the best form of advertising. ;)

I loved that they were so full of ideas. They came prepared to incorporate Where's Waldo into their photos, and then at the very end we got in a few "nerd" photos as well. Then that huge storm ("Hurricane Green Chile") blew thru and we basically had to scream, "BYE!" and dart to our cars. Lol.

Thanks, Jake and Liz! Enjoy your photos!

Baby O | Albuquerque baby photographer

I'm a little behind on blogging this session--mom and dad got the gallery last weekend. But don't for a second think I wasn't excited to show off these images--Baby O went to town on her cake smash. I don't know that I've ever had a baby take it that seriously. ;)

After her cake, we threw her in a little bucket of water to wash her off (she hated it, lol) and then gave in to her demands for milk and puffs. Those are some of my favorite images from this session--the ones we didn't plan for.

Happy birthday, O! Enjoy. :)

The Lambs | Albuquerque, NM, Wedding Photographer

Kimberly contacted me when I first moved to Albuquerque last summer--she was going to be getting married in June, and was wondering if I was available. Technically, she was my first client in the Enchanted State. ;)

So June finally got here, and I had the chance to be there for her and Jedrek's amazing day.

And by amazing, I mean...amazing.

I have never witnessed so much love. Everywhere.

The two did not have a wedding officiant. They were wed in the middle of an open space park, with their family and friends sitting semi-circle, around them. They spoke their vows to one another. They laughed and smiled with everyone else who was there to share in their moment. And when they were done, they kissed.

The kissing was followed by lots of family hugs, photos, and smiles. When they moved the party to an open patio in Old Town, the celebrations continued.

I honestly don't think I have ever photographed a pair who just...smiled. So much. It was beautiful.

Kimberly + Jedrek, thank you so much for asking me to be a part of such a joyous occasion. I wish you all the happiness (and eggplant!) in the world.