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Oh I'm so excited to have met this family. They have two handsome little boys, and another one on the way--and if all the stars align, I will be there to photograph his birth and then do his newborn photos.

Wish me luck!

Kimberly, it was so nice to meet you and your family. I hope I managed to capture at least a glimpse of what it is about one another you love so much.

See you soon. ;)

(I was feeling creative with this next one. Lol.)

the M family | albuquerque family photographer

This sweet baby was in front of my camera just about 9 months ago.

Since then, we had been waiting until she was sitting up on her own before we attempted any family photos--it's just...easier that way. Lol.

Anyways, between her parent's schedules and my schedule, we had a hard time setting something up and miss E was not only sitting up on her own, but she was practically crawling. It's amazing how fast these little ones grow!!

Thanks again, Carlos and Tiffany! Enjoy your photos. :)

At the end of the session, we threw my baby girl in the crib with miss E. They are about 6 weeks apart in age, but because my baby was 8 weeks premature, they are basically the same size, maturity, everything. It's awesome to see them together!

anonymous | albuquerque boudoir photographer

This gorgeous woman right here is serving the ultimate sacrifice.

She's taking these photos for her husband--who is currently deployed, and has been since only a few weeks after their first child was born. Her story is heart-warming and gut-wrenching all at once. I can't even imagine being away from my husband that long, let alone after just having had a baby.

I have so much respect for members of the military and their significant others. Thank you all, for your sacrifice. :)

miss E | albuquerque boudoir photographer

This girl right here. Oh my.

We hadn't seen each other in--eight years? And she just stormed thru the door like we had just had lunch together yesterday. We picked up where we left off, occasionally remembering to take photos--and this was the end result.

Thanks again, E! It was so wonderful to see and spend time with you! You're beautiful. :)

the P family | mother's day mini sessions | albuquerque, nm, family photographer

I loved so much about this session, I don't even know where to begin.

Lauren and I planned to meet up at the botanical gardens in San Antonio. The weather was perfect. It was great to see Lauren, and meet her two guys.

Baby D gave us some of the BEST smiles.

The backdrop was gorgeous.

And, of didn't rain. ;)

Thanks again, Lauren! It was so nice having the chance to see you again, after all these years!

I love this photo. I was waving behind the camera, to get his attention...and he waved back. ;)

the H family | mother's day mini sessions | albuquerque, nm, family photographer

So by the time this family showed up for their session, it was pretty much pitch black outside, and the rain was coming down harder than it had been during the previous two sessions.

I suggested an alternate day for photos.

This family said, "Nah. This is fine."

Talk about troopers!!

But we had fun--and this sweet little peanut was full of smiles (and eventually, tears)! I'm so glad we pulled it off!

Thanks again, Christi! Your family is beautiful. :)

the E family | mother's day mini sessions | albuquerque, nm, family photographer

Sometimes, photography is really challenging.

Sometimes, you plan a beautiful session out in a lush green field, only to realize that the field is overrun by bugs and ants, and the children are all screaming and no one is happy.

Sometimes, you create a vision in your mind that--when applied in real life--ends up looking extremely awkward and unprofessional.

Sometimes, you schedule photos with a friend you haven't seen in over 10 years, only to wake up that morning and realize that the forecast is calling for rain...all. day. long.

This was one of those "sometimes."

Melissa and I go way back--to October 2001, actually, when I first started waitressing at Chili's. Melissa was my trainer, and I was her lowly trainee. ;)

But we have kept in touch over the years, and when I planned this last trip to Houston, we were able to make our schedules work for a family photo shoot.

I was so thrilled to see Melissa and meet her family. I was so thrilled to take gorgeous photos for the wall of her home. I was so thrilled for a lot of things.

And then it rained.

And rained and rained and rained.

Thankfully, we got a lot of good photos. But admittedly, not as many as I wanted. So when I return to Houston in the fall, I am hoping Melissa will take me up on my offer for a re-shoot. I still have too many images in my head of her beautiful children sitting on an old quilt in the sun, or she and her husband sharing a sweet moment with their children in front of the camera.

So today, I will make my advanced plea to the rain gods--when I am in Houston later this year, I'd like sunshine only, please.

Oh, and no humidity. ;)

Thanks again, Melissa! It was so good to see you, even if I did look like a wet dog. Lol.

"the lucky ones" | mother's day mini sessions | albuquerque, nm, family photographer

So I've dubbed this family "the lucky ones," since they narrowly escaped an entire session in pouring rain. Literally, as we were saying our goodbyes, the skies opened up...and then my next client showed up.

But more on that later. Lol.

Anyways, we managed to grab some great shots, even with the very little light we had. It almost made me want to shoot in the rain more often. Ha!

Thanks again, Sarah! Your daughter is beautiful!