the S family | silverthorne family photographer

So, let's talk about this family.

Mom and I met several years back on a photography board, and I always greatly admired her work. Then one day...she up and quit photography and never looked back. Thankfully at that point, we had become friends, and she asked if I'd be willing to travel to Montana to do photos for her and some other families.

Um, YES.

And what a wonderful decision it turned out to be. I so LOVED meeting this girl in person - she is just as fun in real life as she appears to be in the photos. ;)

Thanks again, girl! You've got a beautiful family and I really enjoyed our time together!! Hope you love your photos...


the W family | breckenridge family photographer

Another Montana family that was lots of fun!! Admittedly, I like the bigger families because somewhere in between the third and fourth child they learned how to just relax and have fun. ;)

Thanks again, Abby!

the S family | breckenridge family photographer

Another Montana family on the books!

Heather and I actually met wayyyyy back when, during our days at Baylor. Through the years, I've had the chance to photograph her family (including her youngest, when he was a newborn) and I love that I travel all over and photograph them in different places (Texas, Arizona, Montana...)!

Thanks again, Heather and Jeff!! As always, wonderful to see you. :)


the N family | montana family photographer

My first trip to Montana was originally planned for August of 2015, but the massive wildfires in the PNW actually had a thick cloud of smoke over the entire area of Bozeman...and you couldn't see the beautiful mountains. So we rescheduled...for almost one year later. Lol.

Thankfully, the weather was GORGEOUS, and the fires held off. ;)

Thanks again, Jennifer!! I hope you love your photos!!

the K family | Father's Day mini sessions

Dads do NOT get enough love on Father's Day, so when Sam contacted me about photos for her husband I was THRILLED!!

And the smiles I got from these boys were just...OMG. My heart melted into a puddle on the floor, fo' real.

Thanks again, Samantha!! Hope you love them!!