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This wedding.

First of all, it was on the books for more than a year. From the moment these two were engaged, I was scheduled to travel to Wisconsin for their nuptials. It's such an honor when someone follows your work, and asks you to be there for their big day--not only that, but so far in advance. Truly, it's one of the greatest compliments to a photographer.

Second of all, what wonderful people. I had known the bride's mom via online networking sites for fellow photographers. It was so cool to finally meet her and her family--people I had been hearing about for years, leading up to this day.

Finally, I can't even begin to describe what a wonderful job Andie did with this wedding. The decor was out of this world. The details were incredible. You could see all of the hard work and love that went in to all of the planning of this event.

Andie and Bart, thank you again for asking me to be a part of your day. I hope I was able to capture the emotion and the love that so clearly went in to the planning. I had such a great time--I wish you all the best!!


P.S. - a HUGE thank you to Haley, of Haley Kraus Photography, for traveling more than two hours to help me out and be my second shooter. Your work was gorgeous, and I am so thankful we could work together!

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