Since shooting my first wedding in 2009, I have learned a lot about etiquette, style, client relationships, and what the majority of people who are getting married actually want in a photographer.

I have shot weddings all over the U.S.--California, Colorado, Texas, Michigan, West Virginia, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Florida, D.C.--and I have also traveled outside the U.S., to the Bahamas.

Please note, my prices listed below do not include the cost of travel if you are seeking my services outside of Denver, Colorado (and surrounding areas). While it would be easy to set up a basic "travel cost," the location of your wedding, the days you are seeking to hire me for, and the time of year will impact any additional fees you might incur. If you are considering a destination wedding, please email me at so we can discuss this directly.

Prices listed are for the 2017 and 2018 wedding years. The price list has been pulled from my 2017/18 Wedding Guide--to receive a copy, please email me at

Buddy + Colleen  |  Dillon, CO

Jared + Shelby  |  Lake George, CO

Zach + Christina  |  Highlands Ranch, CO

Chris + Sara  |  Golden, CO

Paul + Alicia  |  Breckenridge, CO

Bryce + Lindsey  |  Denver, CO

Jake + Nikki  |  Evergreen, CO

Adam + Melanie  |  Colorado Springs, CO

Joe + Emily |  Longmont, CO

Will + Lindsey  |  Centennial, CO

William + Carolyn  |  Larkspur, CO

Luis + Kristen  |  Evergreen, CO

Jonathan + Olivia  |  Pine, CO

Jayson + Jennie  |  Indian Hills, CO

Sam + Katie  |  Castle Pines, CO

Dave + Nicole  |  Phoenix, AZ

Mike + Nicole  |  Kalamazoo, MI

Brent + Kelly  |  Pine, CO

Ben + Alaina  |  Sturgis, MI

Tyler + Danielle  |  Kalamazoo, MI

John + Jessica  |  Katy, TX

Nate + Kendall  |  Evergreen, CO

Brian + Taylor  |  Pine, CO

Ben + Ashley  |  Augusta, GA

Alex + Allison  |  Bailey, CO

Eric + Lissette  |  Chicago, IL

Bart + Andie  |  Green Bay, WI

Joe + Lorana  |  Corpus Christi, TX

Justin + Mayur  |  Alma, MI

Rocky + Mallory  |  Allegan, MI

Pierce + Jackie  |  Castle Rock, CO

Adam + Erin  |  Lyons, CO

Jacob + Liz  |  Albuquerque, NM

Maverick + Tynisha  |  Albuquerque, NM

Tim + Jessica  |  Albuquerque, NM

Nate + Kristen  |  Estes Park, CO

Mike + Pam  |  Grand Rapids, MI

Jimmy + Rebecca  |  the Bahamas

Jedrek + Kimberly  |  Albuquerque, NM

Jonny + Becky  |  Ft. Worth, TX

Nick + Erin  |  Allegan, MI

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