Evergreen family photographer | the B family | Houston family photographer

When my family moved to Michigan in 2007 to start law school, Tricia and her family were right next door. Eventually, her youngest and my only became best friends, and I remember it was so cute watching them run around with popsicles all the time, begging to play in the sprinklers.

Fast forward 13 years (!!!!), and we have since re-located, but Tricia and her family are still in Grand Rapids. Everyone is so grown up, and so beautiful, and we just had a great time.

Two locations. 

Two outfit changes.

A zillion photos, until the sun went down.

It was perfect!

Thanks again, B family! I hope you love these!



Breckenridge family photographer | the S family | Houston family photographer

 My time with this family is always too short. 

We say hello.

We take photos of their increasingly gorgeous family (with each new addition).

We laugh.

We say goodbye.

Then we repeat the cycle the next year.

It's always so worth it.

Because seriously, look at these sweet faces. 

Thanks again, Ash!


Colorado lifestyle photographer | baby Ellie | Texas lifestyle photographer

 This was my seventh photo shoot with this wonderful family--and it's so awesome to think that the very first one was their engagement photos.

Now look at them! :)

Two kids, a beautiful home, and so much love. 

I enjoyed my time with them, meeting their newest bundle and talking about the craziness going on in the world. I can't wait for the next shoot!

Thanks again, Lindsey! I hope you enjoy your photos!


This photo totally cracks me up! Hahaha.

Colorado lifestyle photographer | the T family | Texas lifestyle photographer

One of my absolute favorite things to do is take photos of my kids, documenting day-to-day things. Considering I received my first camera when my first-born was eight months old, both of my children have basically grown up with a lens in their face.

They're used to it. Lol.

Lifestyle sessions--especially these minis--give me a chance to deliver much of the same idea for clients. 

I've always offered six- and eight-hour in-home lifestyle sessions, but thought it might be fun to see what I could accomplish in 30 minutes if I offered minis. 

And it was awesome!

We read books, threw the football, played soccer outside, rode bikes, tickled kiddos, and...got it all on camera. 

I hope to offer more of these in the coming year. Especially amidst the "safer at home" climate; if you are willing to welcome me into your home, I'm absolutely willing to come inside and memorialize your day-to-day with your most precious loved ones.

Thanks again, Lynae!