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In the years since I started taking photos, I have been engaged in an internal struggle. What did I want to do with my business? Did I want to be a photographer full-time? Is this really a career--can I actually manage to retire from photography? When I'm 72-years-old, will I still be making art that appeals to those who are willing to invest in me?

So many questions.

And in this time, I have stumbled upon the answer: I want to make a full-time career out of photography, and I want to teach. I want to write--everyone told me, as I grew up, that I should be a writer.

So I could take photos. And teach at the local college. And write my secret novel on the side.

But the thing is, I've already done all of that. At the same time, even! 

And it didn't fulfill me.

I realized, that what would be fulfilling, would be to teach photography. And write about photography. And do photography.

My first boudoir workshop took place in June and I had three photographers in attendance (four, including myself), and four models. The photographers each received my boudoir guide--something I had written--that covered over 40 pages of lighting, marketing, photos, how to engage with clients, posing, and all of the questions they had as well. I was an open book.

We ate lunch.

I shared some interesting stories, regarding some of my experiences as a boudoir photographer. Lol.

We laughed and had a genuinely good time.

For one day, I was basically living my dream. Teaching. Writing. Creating art.

Thank you, to those of you who attended my workshop and helped to make it such a success. To the photographers--I thank you for your interest, for your questions, for your desire, and for your company. I had so much fun. And to the models--I thank you for giving me permission to share your face, even for such intimate photos. Your willingness to share helps me to build upon and improve my business.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

My next workshop will be in Austin, TX (the St. Louis workshop is currently postponed), Labor Day weekend. I have one more position for a photographer and will offer $100 off the cost to the first person who books and mentions this blog post. ;)

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