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A few things about this session:

1. It was so, so, so cold. Like, 40 degrees cold. But this family was a group of troopers--especially the kiddos. They shivered their way through cotton candy, and rides, and even some more informal family photos.

2. This was the first time I have ever met Leah in person, though we have talked for years about some day having the chance to get together. She was just as kind and gorgeous in person has she always has been online--and then some. I absolutely loved meeting with her.

3. This was not a traditional shoot, as you'll see. Leah wanted something at the local amusement park, Bay Beach--her vision of kids dressed in more vintage clothing, and cotton candy, and lots of laughter was, hopefully, just what we were able to capture. I had so much fun!!!

Thanks again, Leah!! Next time, we will make time to hang out and grab a beer. :)


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