baby G | evergreen family photographer

This was my second session with Ashley and her family, since her precious baby girl was born. I always love photo shoots at this age--babies are soooo smiley and happy, and they can't yet walk or run away. ;)

So they're basically forced to stare at my camera and look adorable, lol.

We met in Evergreen a few hours before the big cold front and snow storm rolled through. I just love the green hues in these images--everything is covered in white now. ;)

Anyways, thanks again Ashely! I hope you love your images!


the F family | evergreen family photographer

Several times a year, I donate family sessions to different charities who are hosting auctions for their cause.

This past March, the Life Is Better Rescue had their annual gala, and Kelsey was the highest bidder for a photo shoot.

She and her family were so sweet, I was so happy to be able to capture them with the gorgeous leaves before the snow came and froze them all away!

Thanks again, Kelsey! I hope you love your images. And thank you for supporting such an amazing cause.


jackie + family | evergreen professional photographer

The day we did photos for Jackie and her family, the winds were insane. The kiddos weren't feeling it. And we just didn't get enough of a gallery for me to feel comfortable in delivering--when you pay a lot of money for photos, I want to make sure you have lots of beautiful images to show for it.

So we did a re-shoot.

In the comfort of her own home.

Where it was warm. And the kids were happy.

And we got so many good (great!) shots.

I've said it before, but I will say it again--don't be afraid to take photos in your home. Lifestyle photos are so much fun, and your kids are comfortable. They're in their own environment, and they're excited you are there because they have so much to show you.

We can read books.
We can take baths.
We can bake cupcakes.
We can jump on the couch.

Whatever you and your kids want to do, we can do it. And I can document it.

You will never get these moments back, and they're only little for so long.


sam + kate | Breckenridge family photographer

I can't even with this session.

Sam + Kate are twins--Sam has played baseball and soccer with my son for the last several years. Despite this, I had never really met or had the chance to get to know his mom, Michelle, until recently.

And OMG. She instantly became one of my favorite people.

Then I got to hang out with her kids on a non-sports level, and they also became some of my favorite people.

This family is so much fun, and so loving. I enjoyed every second of the chance I had to spend taking their photos.

Thanks again, Michelle. I hope you love these photos of your beautiful babes!


frank + steph | breckenridge wedding photographer

I worked with Steph at the DMV for a couple of years, and as soon as she and Frank got engaged she text me about wedding photography--I was elated! I love what I do, but I love it even more when I get to do it for people I know and love.

Frank + Steph have been together for a few years, and their wedding is set for August 2020--I can't wait to see her, she is going to make a beautiful bride!

Thanks again, Steph! I hope you love these.