mini sessions | Grand Rapids family photographer

The weather, the light, the people--every single thing was perfect for my mini sessions in Michigan a couple of weeks ago.

I had six families, total, all of whom are featured here; however, the first family was a little short-changed on their blog images because they are in the middle of the foster-to-adopt program and I can't share photos of their sweet babies...yet. ;)

Every single family you see here was so wonderful to work with. Michigan is truly one of my favorite places to travel to for photos.

Thanks again everyone! Enjoy!


s family lifestyle session | D.C. family photographer

About a year ago, I started offering in-home lifestyle sessions for families who really just wanted to document their time together.

Kristen and her brood seemed prime for this kind of session, because her kiddos are still so young and they just don't handle sitting down for photos very well. They'd rather be running around and playing, so she told me that lifestyle would definitely be more of their speed.

I like to encourage families to pick some things to do, but don't go overboard--we don't want to cram our time together so much that it isn't natural and the kids get over-stimulated. But we also don't want to sit on the couch for four hours, lol.

Kristen and Spencer did great. When I arrived, they got everyone dressed for the park. Afterward, we played in the pink blossoms, then headed home to bake some cookies. While those cooked, we played a game, and the rest of the afternoon was just spent running around, dancing with the kids, and having a good time with confetti Easter eggs.

The end result? Two hundred digital images that they can have to remember what a day in their life with their three small children was like.

These have quickly become one of my favorites and honestly, I encourage all families to give it a try. If you'd like more information, email me - - I'm happy to chat!

Thanks again, Kristen! I hope you love these!