Thank you!

The year 2018 was one for the books!

Record number of sessions. Record number of boudoir. Record number of weddings.

Published three different times.

And it's all because of YOU.

I so appreciate each and every one of my clients. Thank you for making this my best year yet.

Happy New Year!!


the I family | Breckenridge family photographer

My last session of the year was a coooold one!! It was ZERO DEGREES by the time I got back to my car!!

We have had such a cold winter so far in Summit County, it's crazy!!

But this family was awesome--the kids were total troopers. Maybe because they were from Vermont and they were probably used to that kind of cold. ;) Or maybe I'm just that much fun to hang out with.


Thanks again, Tracy! I hope you love your images!

Happy New Year!


franz + kati | breckenridge wedding photographer

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Melanie (the faaaaabulous wedding planner behind Kimberly Rose Events) texted me--she was meeting with a super nice couple up at the Breckenridge Lodge, and she was hoping they'd be interested in signing me on as their wedding photographer.

Apparently they looked at a lot of photographers--but ultimately, they picked me for their wedding.

I was so, so thrilled!!

They asked me if I would be available to shoot their engagement photos ASAP so they could get their Save The Date cards out--of course, I said yes.

So we met.

And it was literally one of the coldest days, ever. Lol.

The three of us shivered through wind, blowing snow, and temperatures in the teens--and none of us had jackets. Haha.

But the images are totally worth it.


All the heart eyes. All of them.

Thanks again, Franz + Kati! I can't wait to work with you again next July!


the L family | breckenridge family photographer

This was my third chance to photograph this family this year -

The first time, when baby L was still cookin' on the inside. ;)
The second time, just after she was born.
The third, I think it was the coldest day of the year. Lol.

But this family was so good to me, and baby L was such a trooper! We even managed to crack a few smiles!

Thanks again, David + Katie!

I hope you love your images!


the P family | breckenridge family photographer

About a year ago, a couple contacted me for maternity photos--they were working at a job site in Wyoming, and wanted to drive alllll the way to Summit County for photos with me.

I was so flattered. It was like a five hour drive!

Fast forward to this past trip to Houston, and they hired me again to take their family photos.

Again, so flattering!

This time, it was the two of them and their three kiddos--running around in the woods, as the sun set behind the trees. It got pretty dark, pretty fast, but I think we did alright. :) These photos have a fabulous film look to them that I LOVE because of the light we were working with.

Thanks again, Carla!

Enjoy your photos!


the M family | breckenridge family photographer

This session makes me laugh.

The youngest (they call her "tiny tornado") was all over the place and crying.

The oldest was literally like, "Whhhyyyyyy do we need to take photos!?"

The two middle kiddos were making me laugh with funny faces and noises.

And yet, we still managed to get some pretty dang good shots. ;)

Thanks again, Kristin! I so love your family! You are always so REAL!

Enjoy your photos!


the G family | Breckenridge family photographer

Another successful Houston mini session is in the books!

Ashley and her family were a lot of fun to hang out with--her boys were especially sweet. We had fun running around WG Jones State Park, capturing images for them.

Thanks again, girl!

I hope you love your photos!