the S family | Houston family photographer

This was my second time photographing Melissa and her crew--last time, they were only a party of three. ;)

I loved having the chance to photograph these two handsome boys, as they explored a little bit around the area and loved on their mama.

Thanks again, Melissa! I hope you love these!


the T family | Houston family photographer

Gah, I always love my time with Randi and her family.

Randi is a fellow photographer in the Houston area, so the fact that she hires me for photos of her own family is such a compliment. We've known each other for several years, so it's even more special that she has become a friend and we get to meet up once a year.

Thanks again, girl! I hope you love these!


the S family | Houston family photographer

The more I photograph large, extended families, the more I enjoy them.

Anyone who has had a session with me will tell you that I am not a big posing photographer--I direct you to stand where you are comfortable, and make sure you are touching someone in your party. Closeness is key.

And it just makes for these beautifully awesome images!

Thank you again, Nina, for contacting me. I hope you and your family love these photos!


the M family | Houston family photographer

I am in Houston this weekend, doing fall family photos for several regulars, as well as many new clients. The weather is freaking PERFECT--60s with sun, and basically zero humidity. It's a dream.

Anyways, my goal was to get these sessions knocked out ASAP, instead of sitting on them and delivering within a couple weeks. But, my schedule for the rest of the year is so, so insane so I have to stay caught up or I might drown! Lol.

This is Kristin, and her beautiful family. I have been photographing them for several years, and it's always a lot of fun. Her kiddos are a giant ball of chaos, which makes for some of the best candids. I always enjoy my time with them.

Thanks again, Kristin! I hope you love your images!


the M family | breckenridge family photographer

Several years ago, I met Will + Lindsey out on a ranch in Bailey--they had hired me for their wedding, and we were shooting their engagement photos that night.

Later, we would shoot their wedding.

Then later, their maternity photos.

And not long after that, their newborn photos.

And now here we are, 15 months after their last session, and I had the chance to photograph their family of three out in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado.

I say it all the time, but it's amazing how cool my job is. I literally get to document families as the grow and change.

I studied journalism in college, with the same idea in mind--I wanted to document something. I had no idea at the time that something would have landed me a career in photography. But man, am I grateful.

Thanks again, Lindsey! I hope you love these!