baby J | breckenridge lifestyle newborn photographer

I'm starting to really love newborn lifestyle sessions.

No posing.

No wrapping.

Just you...and baby. In your element. Taking each other in.

I had a lot of fun with this little guy. We even took him out for a few shots and he did so well. Welcome to the world, little man!!


the P family | silverthorne family photographer

I have been taking this family's photos for going on FOUR YEARS now, and it gets more and more fun as the girls get older.

Usually when I shoot in Grand Rapids in May, it's crazy hot and everyone is miserable. This time, I was editing SNOW out of the photos. Oye.

But everyone was a pretty good sport about it, and we still got some great shots!

Thanks again, Jeff and Kelly!!


the M family | colorado family photogapher

This family wins the award for "most patient" - they live several hours away from Grand Rapids, and the last time I was there, we had to re-schedule their session because of the weather. So basically they waited an extra YEAR just to have their photos done with me. And even then, the weather was awful! Lol. Cold, wet, ugh.

But we all survived. ;)

Thanks again, Peggy! I hope you love them!


miss M | denver boudoir photographer

My favorite part about this session was the end...when she pulled out her tutu and her ballet shoes (slippers?) for a few photos that would pay homage to her roots. I love when women get creative like that, and we had a lot of fun!

Thanks girl, hope you love your photos!!


miss R | denver boudoir photographer

Another gorgeous woman from Chicago!! I had so much fun during this session, and I LOVED her pieces. So creative and sexy!!


miss A | denver boudoir photographer

My travels to Chicago were AMAZING, and I loved all of the boudoir clients I had while I was there. The hotel was gorgeous, the room was great - all in all, a total success!

This incredibly gorgeous woman has been a photographer friend of mine for quite some time. She told me a long time ago that she wanted to do boudoir, so when I was headed to her neck of the woods, I basically forced her to book with me. ;)

Thanks again, girl! So much fun and you look absolutely. fan. tastic.