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Over five years ago, when I got my first DSLR camera, I was really excited to offer photos to my friends in school for basically no money--I just wanted the experience. My friend Amy happily obliged when she had her first baby girl.

I hung her poor baby in the air with a piece of cheese cloth.

I put her in a potting plant with a floral backdrop.

I think I even included photos of her sweet baby spitting up in her gallery of a bazillion photos.

Thankfully, Amy trusted me enough to allow her to continue to photograph her sweet girl. And all these years later, she has another sweet baby girl--and I continue to get the chance to photograph her family each year.

It's so much fun watching babies grow up in front of my lens. I hope I make it back to Michigan every single year to continue to do so.

Thanks again, Amy + Grant! :)

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