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When I was planning my trip to Michigan, it occurred to me that in all the years I had lived there, I had never once offered sunset sessions by the lake.

For those of you who are unaware, Lake Michigan is better than any ocean or beach. It's clean, and shallow for a long ways, and--sometimes--it's even warm! Lol.

I was so excited when several people jumped at the chance to do these sessions later in the day.

Laura was one of those who said, "YES!" when I offered the beach sessions. She and her family have been coming to me since the very beginning--when she showed up at my door with her 6-month-old little girl (who is now in Kindergarten!), and my cat ate one of her props, and my son hit her in the face with a ball. Thank goodness she was so forgiving, lol!

I've loved every chance I've had to photograph this family, and look forward to more opportunities in the future.

Thanks again, Jeff + Laura!! Enjoy your images. :)

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