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Alright, so the name of the post might be a bit misleading; but, I'm at the height of my busy season and despite taking these photos of one of my dearest friends about a month ago...I've only just now been able to edit them.

In other words, my dear friend is now snuggling her baby instead of her belly, and she probably hasn't slept in dayyyyys. ;)

Meet Ashley.

Together, we tackled graduate school at the University of Denver. She, my husband and I were like the three amigos for a solid year. When Tom and I basically eloped in the mountains of Colorado, Ashley was one of about seven people actually present.

To sum it up, she's pretty damn special. ;)  And I cannot wait to meet miss Ava. I'm already planning the photos sessions, lol.

Thanks again, Michael + Ashley. Love you both, and can't wait to see you soon. xoxo

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