bryce + lindsey | Breckenridge wedding photographer

My favorite thing about Bryce + Lindsey's wedding is that they didn't stick to one particular theme--they hosted a day for their friends and family that involved all different aspects of the lives they share together, and the things they each enjoy.

Lindsey's bouquet had paper flowers, made from pages of books--because she loves to read.

The table settings at the head table involved golf balls--because Bryce loves the sport.

Loved ones stood to toast, and spoke at length about the love they shared with one another, and how wonderful it was to witness.

I heard several funny stories, and I have since learned--through Facebook--that they really do take their love for The Greatest Showman pretty seriously. Lol.

It was a great wedding to end my 2018 season.

Thank you again, Bryce + Lindsey, for asking me to share in your special day. I hope you love your photos, and have the moments to cherish for years to come.

Best wishes.


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