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I've always enjoyed photographing my kids--not necessarily in their pretty outfits, with their hair all nice. But I've always enjoyed documenting the reality of children--the messy hair, the food on the face, the baths, the tantrums, the joys, the bubbles, the balloons, the outside time on their bikes, the sports.

I want to remember every piece of my children's childhood.

So it only seemed natural, after 10 years of this business, to start offering the same to others.

The first person to take me up on this new endeavor was my friend, Emily. I have been photographing Emily's family in D.C. for several years now--actually, since she was pregnant with her first. So to be able to come into their home, and spend several hours while they baked, and cleaned, and ate, and played blocks, and read books, and went to the farmer's market, and the park, and the carousel, and the neighbor's pool party was such a joy.

I got to hang with the kiddos.

I got to know Emily and Rob a little better.

We laughed. The little ones may have cried. Lol. But we had a great time.

And to be able to deliver a gallery of images to the two of them--and to hear how much they loved them--is what makes my job so damn awesome.

Thanks again, Emily.

So glad we got to do this.


Now, thru the remainder of 2018, I am offering these sessions for 20% off listed price. Email me if you'd like to get in on the action - - I'd love to chat!

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