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About seven or eight years ago, this family with FIVE kids moved in next door to us and I thought we had hit the jackpot. They were all around Thad's age--some younger, some older--their dad went to school with me and my husband, and their mom was my instant friend.

Oh. And they all loved to have their photos taken.


So I spent a couple of years with this family--taking photos of them, watching them grow up, doling out popsicles on the hot summer days, and really just falling in love with them.

When we moved to New Mexico (from Michigan) in 2012, it was like a punch to the gut having to leave them behind.

THANKFULLY, we have kept in touch. :) And each time I go back to Michigan, I not only get to see and spend time with them, but I get to take their updated family photos as well.

As you can see, we have a lot of fun together. It's been wonderful photographing this family through so many seasons of life, and despite limiting my travel schedule in the coming year(s), I hope to be able to continue to do so.

At the end, you will see a couple of candid shots--Jodie had asked me to capture their reaction as she read a letter to her children, informing them that they had just bought a house and would be moving in two weeks. As you can see--the kids were sooooo excited. There were huge smiles. There were tears (from me, too!). It was literally one of the highlights of my career.

Thank you, Jodie and Chico, for bringing me along for the journey. I love you and your family real, real big.


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