luis + kristen | breckenridge wedding photographer

It was really kind of special to photograph Luis + Kristen, because they got married in their backyard in the very neighborhood where I grew up. In fact, I could see their wedding site from my own parent's home--the familiarity of it all was actually quite perfect.

I love backyard weddings.

They are quaint and intimate.

There is no need to run around to thousands of people at any given time to thank them for coming.

Instead, this was a small, intimate group that very quickly managed to catch up and spend the rest of the time enjoying one another's company--drinking, eating, and dancing.

Thanks again, Luis + Kristen, for asking me to take on such a special job--especially at the last minute. I had so much fun, and am so thankful for you both!

Cheers to many, many years together!


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  1. Wow, their wedding photos are so mesmerizing. We are just in love with everything in their ceremony. We also want an outdoor wedding in this style and recently we are searching for the affordable San Francisco venues. Do you have any recommendations?