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A couple of years ago, when my husband and I were putting ourselves through law school, this family moved in next door.

These little munchkins used to bang on our door, requesting popsicles and fruit snacks (in all fairness, my son did his share of begging at their house, too). They used to invite him to AWANA during the week, and he would occasionally tag along with them to soccer games and football games.

I miss this family so, so much.

We have yet to find neighbors that we loved as much as the O family.

When my daughter was born two months premature, they were the first ones to come to our rescue with meals and things we needed. In fact, Jodie was one of the first people to ever hold my daughter when she was all of three pounds. They are most definitely very special people.

Chico + Jodie, it was great to see you and your kiddos. Please come visit soon--we miss you guys! I hope you love your photos!


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