Samm + Brode | albuquerque portrait photographer

So, a little over a year ago, my friend Samm had contacted me because she was in need of a kidney transplant, and--not knowing if she'd ever get one--she asked me to take some photos of her and her little man for him to have in the future...just in case.

I know, I know. Pick your heart up off the floor--that's never a request that any mom wants to make.

But I obliged. And guess what? Shortly thereafter she had a brand spankin' new kidney. :)  Now over a year later, she is doing wonderfully!

This time, we just got together real quick to say hello. I was leaving town and doing mini sessions, so I told her to drop by the tree farm and I'd snap a few more. I love the way these images turned out, and I'm hoping Samm can look at these in a bit of a different light, now that her future appears so much more bright and different.

Enjoy your sneaks, Samm!


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