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I've known the two people in this photo forever--the three of us went to high school together, and when we graduated in 2000 we decided to take a road trip from Denver to southern California (along with our friend, Erica). The trip is literally one of my most favorite memories shared between friends--we have so many inside jokes from that entire week with one another, it's unreal.

It was a trip that so affectionately coined the term, "Pecka" amongst us.

It was a trip that saw an entire car top carrier loaded with camping gear get ripped off the top of our car and end up on the side of the road in Utah. Thank goodness a truck driver stopped to help and decided to ratchet the carrier on to the roof (please let the record show that I wanted to just leave the camping gear behind, lol)--his ratcheting proved to be so tight, in fact, that the roof of the car caved in about 100 miles down the road.

It was a trip that left poor Rhiannon, seen below, with the worst sunburn known to man over her entire body. It may or may not have been my fault (cough).

It was a trip in the middle of the summer inside a car that suddenly decided to start overheating halfway thru the desert--we mastered the art of cruising down hills with the windows down, praying we didn't sweat to death.

So many good times. :)

And now, here we are, over THIRTEEN YEARS LATER and these two have finally decided to satisfy my every wish by having a baby. Lol. No but really--I had been anticipating the message from Rhiannon for years that she was expecting...and when I finally got it, I literally teared up. FINALLY!

(Levi and Rhiannon are one of those loser couples that chose to get married and travel the world together, before having kids. What nerds, am I right!?!?) ;)

Thanks again, Rhi! It was good to see you and Levi. Can't wait to see you again in February!


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