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 I am catching up on editing and blogging tonight, before delving into a pretty significant project for a national project beginning tomorrow. I want to be able to focus all of my efforts into this project, and am excited for the final outcome.

In the meantime, check out this sweet new family of three. <3

I showed up at their home last weekend, in the midst of spring thunderstorms, to capture their new family on a cool, dreary day. 

The opportunity to capture families in the early stages of bringing home a new baby is always such a joy. I always edit these sessions and imagine that someday down the road, they will be shared at the wedding reception, or as mom and dad wish social media happy birthdays over the years--reflecting on growth, and longing for the days when their first-born was small enough to fit in their hands.

What is it they say?

The years are short, and the days are long.

Oh, how true it is.

Soak it up, mom and dad. One day you are going to blink, and wonder what happened. <3


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