The second half of 2020

 Since September 1, Catherine Jeter Photography has had one of its best years yet. I would have never anticipated such a strong fall and winter based on COVID numbers, but my wonderful friends and clients completely threw me for a loop.

In four months, I have had over 70 sessions.

There was a point in my life where I was really, really good at blogging each and every session. When these 70 started ramping up, I started a folder named "To Blog" and continued to add completed sessions--swearing I'd get to it...someday. 

The numbers started adding up and eventually, it became really overwhelming.

So, instead of committing to blogging 70 sessions, I went through each one and chose a favorite to share. 

It's not my normal way of doing things, and I will certainly get back to blogging every session in 2021, but for now...

...this is perfect.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to such a wonderful second half of the year. 

Here are some of my very favorites--not all, but many.

I love and appreciate every single one of you.


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