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One of my absolute favorite things to do is take photos of my kids, documenting day-to-day things. Considering I received my first camera when my first-born was eight months old, both of my children have basically grown up with a lens in their face.

They're used to it. Lol.

Lifestyle sessions--especially these minis--give me a chance to deliver much of the same idea for clients. 

I've always offered six- and eight-hour in-home lifestyle sessions, but thought it might be fun to see what I could accomplish in 30 minutes if I offered minis. 

And it was awesome!

We read books, threw the football, played soccer outside, rode bikes, tickled kiddos, it all on camera. 

I hope to offer more of these in the coming year. Especially amidst the "safer at home" climate; if you are willing to welcome me into your home, I'm absolutely willing to come inside and memorialize your day-to-day with your most precious loved ones.

Thanks again, Lynae!


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