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The day we did photos for Jackie and her family, the winds were insane. The kiddos weren't feeling it. And we just didn't get enough of a gallery for me to feel comfortable in delivering--when you pay a lot of money for photos, I want to make sure you have lots of beautiful images to show for it.

So we did a re-shoot.

In the comfort of her own home.

Where it was warm. And the kids were happy.

And we got so many good (great!) shots.

I've said it before, but I will say it again--don't be afraid to take photos in your home. Lifestyle photos are so much fun, and your kids are comfortable. They're in their own environment, and they're excited you are there because they have so much to show you.

We can read books.
We can take baths.
We can bake cupcakes.
We can jump on the couch.

Whatever you and your kids want to do, we can do it. And I can document it.

You will never get these moments back, and they're only little for so long.


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