Patrick + Pepe | Breckenridge wedding photographer

There is so much I love about the story with these two.

First of all, they contacted me about one month out--they were driving from Oklahoma, and planning to elope at Sapphire Point. Would I be willing to photograph it?


Second of all, I randomly saw them at the Clerk's office the day before, as they were getting their marriage license--having never met them before, I recognized their faces from Facebook. It was fun getting to meet them ahead of time, and such a cool, random coincidence!

Third, the weather was terrible. Lol.

I had offered for them to do their vows and photos on a different day--but who wants to do that!? The day you choose to get married is special, and has meaning! So, of course, they went for it in the rain.

We got rained on the entire time, and in their photos, their suits are covered. But it's a part of their story. And it's so beautiful!

Rain is good luck on your wedding day, and I wish nothing but the absolute best to them!!

Congrats, Patrick + Pepe. Thank you so, so much for asking me to be there to document your special day.


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