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This family and I had an earlier meeting time for their photos, so I agreed to photograph them right after soccer practice for my kids.

My kids insisted on staying in the car, with our new dog.

At the first pose, they set the alarm off.

Then my daughter literally screamed so loud in the car that I could hear her for the entire session, as she argued with her brother.

When the session was over and we returned to the car, I could have sworn they were performing an exorcism. My daughter was crying. My son was laughing. The dog had spilled food all over the back seat. It was crazy.

My children (even the furry one) were possessed.

And yet Joy and her family were so kind, and acted like they didn't even notice--even though I am sure they drove away and thought, "OMG THAT POOR WOMAN."

Lol. Thanks again, M family! It was great meeting you!! Thank you for being so kind and patient. :)

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