dave + nicole | phoenix, az

Before I move into this wedding, I just want to say--I lost my dad to cancer about two weeks after I shot Dave & Nicole's wedding in Phoenix. In fact, only days after the wedding, I was sitting at my dad's bedside in the hospital--the last thing that was on my mind was work. That is why I have not blogged on my site for so long. That is why I am so far behind in my work.

But I'm working hard to be back on track.

From the very beginning, Dave & Nicole have been nothing but understanding about this. I am delivering this gallery several weeks late--something I never do--and they have shown nothing but grace, patience, and understanding. It is clients like these that I love to have--so, thank you, Dave & Nicole, for that. :)

Now, on to their special day...

Nicole had contacted me about wedding photos shortly after they got engaged--having known her from high school, I was thrilled at the idea of traveling to Phoenix for her special day. I could tell through all of her correspondence that she and Dave were a perfect match. The way she talked about him, and insisted on discussing all the details with him before she made any decisions. The way she praised his efforts to work so hard so that they could share an amazing day. It was really sweet to witness.

And when it came to the details, they both did an amazing job.

The signs. The sparkles. The chalk. The desserts. The pinks. The lights. The flowers. The coffee cups.

Amazing. All of it.

Dave and Nicole, thank you so, so much for asking me to be a part of your special day. I had so much fun, and I wish you all the best in your future together.


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