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Poet contacted me several months ago to book her session down in central Texas, but it was what occurred only a short few weeks ago that really struck a chord--her son's father, Mark, had passed away unexpectedly.

She wanted to know if we could do a balloon release for the boys, after the photos were complete.

Seeing as how this is exactly what we did for my grandpa when he unexpectedly passed, my heart burst at the idea. Of course we could.

So we did our regular session. Then they all sat down on the grass, and they wrote messages on the balloons so they would float to Heaven and be delivered.

Things like, "I love you daddy," and, "I will take care of our boy." Hearts and drawings of the two of them. It was all so beautiful, and so special.

Thank you, Poet, for sharing this with me. Thank you for asking me to document such an important event in your life, and one that I am certain your little man will always treasure.

I hope these photos do it justice.


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  1. This is so beautiful. So glad you shared. Mark was family.