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The story of Tyler + Danielle, from my vantage point, goes a little something like this...

Eight years ago, I met Danielle in law school. She quickly became one of my favorite people, and then eventually, a best friend. She literally pulled me through classes when health problems had become such a distraction, I was no longer preparing for or attending lectures.

I sent her my notes when I knew her full-time job had been too demanding of her that week, and it was the reason she wasn't in class.

She gave my name and number to every friend and family member she had, when she knew I was working hard to build a photography business.

I helped her sort through the pain and confusion of several break-ups.

She let me vent when my marriage got hard, or my kids got on my nerves.

I taught her that leggings are life, and jeans are totally overrated. I also helped to free her from clear bra straps (I like to think of that as my most noble duty as a friend).

We bonded over sarcasm, KOBE fried rice, and a true disdain for law school (with no idea of what we wanted to do after graduation).

Then one day she met Tyler.

And I will never forget where I was when we were walking into class and she was telling me that he might be the real deal. That this guy was different.

Usually, when a friend tells you that a man she has met is different, you believe her. Because you've most likely been there yourself, and you know exactly what she is talking about.

I was elated for her.

And I have continued to be elated for these two friends of mine, as I have watched their relationship take the baby steps in the beginning, and now take the next step in their lives. Tyler is an amazing man for Danielle--he works hard, and he makes her laugh, and he's dependable and kind. He appreciates what a gift she is as a woman, and I am so thankful that he treats her with such genuine respect.

Congrats Jose Tyler, and D. I love you both so much. Thank you for asking me to be both your bridesmaid AND your lead photographer. Your wedding was beautiful, and fun, and I am crazy lucky to have been such a huge part of it all.

Enjoy your sneak peek!!


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