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When I knew I was going to be visiting San Diego for a few days, my friend, Susan, contacted me about a session she had in mind involving an old wedding dress. The shoot was going to take place very close to Halloween, so we wanted to go for something "dark"...

...I'd say we succeeded. ;)

This session was so much fun, in so many ways. First, it was outside of my normal bounds. I don't typically go swimming in stagnant water to take photos of a woman in a wedding dress with paint and fake blood. Lol. Second, having the chance to hang out with Susan is always a blast. I met some new friends that day as well (including another amazing boudoir photographer, Kelsey Daffern), and we ate some delicious freaking Mexican food when all was said and done.

It was a good day, indeed! Enjoy your photos, Susan. Love you, my friend!!


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