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My trip to Texas was, as usual, incredibly packed.

It started off with an early morning flight, a boudoir session, and then I met with Heidi and her mom, Jennifer, to take Heidi's 3 1/2 year photos.

We took a few urban photos.

We took a few photos out in an open field of yellow flowers and dandelions.

We went for ice cream.

We ended in a huge field of some of the most gorgeous blue bonnets I have ever seen.

And then I collapsed in my hotel room bed because I was literally exhausted after about six hours of shooting. Lol.

Thank you, Jennifer! I had so much fun. And I already miss Princess Heidi. ;)


P.S.--If you are interested in booking a shoot with me during my next trip to Texas in June, or when I come in the fall, shoot me an email!

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