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This is going to be a long post. Long-winded, and a huge share--out of the 550 edited photos, I chose about 150 to share. I just loved everything about this wedding.

The bride, Jackie, is a woman I went to high school with. We played softball together. Babysat some of the same kids. I hitched a ride with her a time or two.

Her husband, Pierce, also went to school with us. (He was a year younger than Jackie, but she used to go to his basketball games because, at the time, she was dating someone else on the team.)

But their love story does not begin in high school.

While mutual friends for a long, long time, their love story did not truly begin until a couple of years ago.

On July 20, 2012, Pierce was attending the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora when he was shot several times in one of the largest massacres in Colorado history. Jackie found out about Pierce's involvement in the shootings through his brother on Facebook, and she paced her home until she was able to get a ride to the hospital.

From there, Jackie writes...

"What happened to me when I walked into his room was amazing/bizarre/intense and it was like God showed me the most beautiful being I had ever seen...it was like he was a ray of light with laughter and love overwhelming the room, I was hit upside the head and inside the heart...it was crazy."

Pierce made the decision to recover at Jackie's parent's house. In the morning, he was cared for by an in-home nurse. In the evenings, Jackie took over.

She cleaned his wounds, helped him get around, cleaned him up, massaged his face and hands, and basically worked from home during the entire process.

One day, she said to her mom, "If he asks me to marry him in the next six months, I am going to say yes, so prepare yourself."

And now, here they are.

One of the most amazing love stories I have ever heard, akin to the ones you hear out of the mouths of WWII veterans who married the very nurses who took care of them in war.

The love they share for one another was obvious; but, even more obvious was the love others surrounded them with. So many of their photos contain people with incredible smiles on their faces. I witnessed a great deal of laughter and hugs that evening. :)

Congratulations again, Pierce + Jackie!

I wish you two a lifetime of happiness, and I thank you both for asking me to be there on your special day.


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