A letter to Charlotte on her 2nd birthday | personal

My Dearest Charlotte,

My Charlita Pequita,

My Duders,

I can't believe how quickly two years has flown by. It seems like only yesterday, we were here:

Three pounds, fifteen ounces--you came 8 weeks before anyone was expecting your arrival, and you could have cared less what our agenda was. We spent 30 days in the NICU, your daddy and I taking turns holding you under our shirts, praying that you would just. learn. how. to. eat.

If only we had known that once you left the NICU, you'd never STOP eating. ;)

Now, here we are.

And so much has changed.

You are simply amazing. Your daddy and I talk about that a lot in the quiet moments together. We often laugh about the things you had done that day. Many of our inside jokes involve the things you say or do. We love to sit at the computer and reminisce over the thousands of pictures I have taken of you in the past two years.

I think we are still in shock that you belong to us.

At two years old, you love to laugh. You can always be found wearing shoes, and you are never quiet.

You sing loud and proud, at every waking moment.

Your best friend is Wilbur. Your brother is a close second.

You say things like, "Heyyyy dude!" and you scream, "MINNIE MOUSE!" whenever you see her, over and over and over and over.

You eat everything in site, and you are particularly fond of food when it's mine. Lol.

You, my sweet baby--are simply amazing.

On the morning of your birthday, we came in to your room and sang you Happy Birthday. Then we came downstairs and you got a glimpse of your gift from me and daddy. You LOVED it.

Then we headed to your great Aunt Tracey's house for the day's festivities--thank God for family. I'm not much of a planner, but they did a great job to ensure you had a good day. Princess decorations, and three pools in the back--you were in Heaven. ;)

We grilled hot dogs, and had jalapeno artichoke dip.

You opened your presents.

When you opened your pillow pet, you put it on the ground, laid down, and covered yourself with tissue paper while you pretended to sleep. LMAO.

You, my child, have one of the best personalities.

After presents, you took a brief nap. You awoke just in time for cupcakes, sparklers, playing ball in the backyard, and some fun with balloons.

OMG do you love balloons.

Then, when it was all said and done, the entire country celebrated the day you were born. ;)

We watched as the neighbors set off fireworks, and played with sparklers. You loved it. You kept pointing to the sky, wanting more. And, on the way home, when we thought for sure you would be asleep within seconds of starting the car--you sang at the top of your lungs for 30 minutes while your brother passed out. Lol. A true party girl. ;)

Finally tonight, as I write this, you are spending your very first night in your new big girl bed. We hadn't planned to transition you anytime soon, but as we wandered Toys R Us with the gift cards you received for your special day, we stumbled upon a Minnie Mouse bed that you kept pointing to and screaming about. So, we bought it. Bye bye, crib. You are officially a big girl.

Happy second birthday, Charlotte Rae.

We love you!

Mom, Dad, and Thaddeus


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