tim + jessica | southern california wedding photographer

I think this might be the quickest turn-around I've ever had for wedding photos, by the way. Less than three weeks. Boom.

This is my cousin, Jessica, and her new husband, Tim. I got to meet Tim on the night I flew into Albuquerque for the wedding--he and Jessica met me at OMGLATE and took me to my uncle's to unpack. He is a wonderful, wonderful man and I am so incredibly happy for my cousin that she stumbled upon such a keeper.

Jessica looked beautiful on her wedding day--and she was so laid back. We all hung out for awhile, then she asked me to do her hair, she went out and talked to some guests who were showing up, ate some cheese, got dressed, and got married! It was really that simple. The ceremony was quaint and small, and it wasn't very long at all. Afterward, the big kids ate dinner while the little kids jumped in the bounce house. Once the guests were gone, they packed up their little family and drove home.

Seriously, the perfect backyard wedding.

Tim and Jessica, I wish you a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for asking me to be such a big part of your special day--love you both!!


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