nate + kristen | estes park, co

Ever since I decided to try my hand at this whole wedding photography gig, I've been chomping at the bit to photograph an outdoor wedding in the mountains of Colorado.

Enter Nate + Kristen.

Kristen and I went to high school together, but hadn't kept in touch over the years. She contacted me out of the blue one day to say, "Hey! How are you? I'm getting married, and I'd love to have you photography our day." Maybe those weren't her exact words, but you get the idea. ;)  Anyways, it was great to reconnect with her AND to have the chance to document the day she married Nate.

It's the story behind the photos that make me feel like their wedding day was even more magical than they had anticipated. You see, Kristen lost her brother about a year ago. He was apparently very interested in meteorology and was basically a wizard when it came to the weather. On the way to a secluded area for "first look" photos, Kristen told me how every single important day in her life had been threatened with rain since her brother's passing--but that the forecast always ended up being wrong, and she was instead able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. She told me that she had no doubt her brother had something to do with this.

Fast forward to her wedding day.

Anyone who has ever lived in Colorado knows that the summertime is basically a guarantee that you will face afternoon thunderstorms and showers. And sure enough, right around the time for the outdoor ceremony, the dark clouds began to roll in.

But, as you can see from the photos, Kristen and Nate got a break. The sun peaked thru and the rain held off.

No doubt, her brother was at work once again. :)

From the details to the people, I enjoyed myself so much. Everything was beautiful, and I am in awe at the love I witnessed between Nate and Kristen on their special day.

Thanks again, Mr. + Mrs. Brelig. I wish you many many years of love and happiness. xoxo

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  1. oh katie! these are just breathtakingly gorgeous!!! such a beautiful couple in a beautiful setting who will have gorgeous images for a lifetime of their very special day! <3